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Extend the life of your watch with our Luxury Watch Winders In Singapore. They help to make your luxury watches fully wound and charged when not in use. With their antique and automatic qualities, they have an equally classical elegant appearance that compliments your luxury watch collection. This product is one of the most important accessories for all watch lovers and they are highly recommended by the leading Swiss watch manufacturers. SwissKubik Singapore Watch Winders are entirely customizable and fully programmable with a 3-year international warranty.


In the Masterbox range, you will find all the leading products that have earned SwissKubiK its international reputation. Made up of a base module incorporating the best of our Swiss technology, they can be endlessly customised with the finest material: wood, leather, aluminium, carbon fiber, etc. From magnificent tiny screws on the front panel to topstitching and polishing, everything is Swiss Made, Hand Made and Home Made.



Acidulous, sober, bright or fun, the watch winders of the Startbox range use fresh colours and modern, refined lines.

Simplified to the extreme, these watch winders bring together the essential elements of our expertise.

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