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Rich of a long heritage dating back to 1887 in Switzerland, with a presence in Singapore and South East Asia since 1980, GOLAY is specialised in the distribution of exclusive luxury goods. Our long and close cooperation with SwissKubik allows us to share with you our knowledge and expertise of this exceptional product to ensure personalised service, advice and support.

Excellence – Commitment – Trust – Integrity are the core values shaping our expertise and service in our relationships with our customers, our brand partners and our teams.


Selected and recommended by the leading Swiss watch brands since over 10 years, SwissKubik watch winders and entirely designed, manufactured and hand-assembled in Switzerland. With a technology derived form the Swiss watch making industry.

Technically unique and thanks to the high performance and reliability of our 100% Swiss-made mechanisms, our watch winders are completely autonomous for three years. Two simple 1.5 volt alkaline batteries are enough to ensure their operation. Factory-set frequency of rotations per day in each direction or with advanced technology that allows you to customise this rate, you are sure that rewinding is perfectly adapted to your watch. Secure watch holders are available in two size to fit any type, shape and size of watch. Besides, Swisskubik products come with a three-year international guarantee giving you entire peace of mind.