TRAVELBOX Leather Black

TRAVELBOX Leather Black


For those who like to take their watches on the road while preserving them, we have created Travelbox! Travelbox is both a storage case and a rotating case and follows you on all your trips. Your watch is protected during transport in its dedicated spot and does not move. Once arrived at your destination, you just have to take out your watch and its cushion to place them on the winding part and activate your Travelbox.


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Outside material:Leather black
Inside material and watch holder: kamosho blue
The watch you don’t wear is always on time and maintained wherever you are in the world, regardless off your travel conditions. And of course, Travelbox offers SwissKubik quality with a 100% Swiss Made box. Travelbox is available in different materials and colours.

QR code to download the Bluetooth application

Bluetooth connection with phone offers a customication of the program


For Android

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Weight 615167599 kg





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